Identity Theft Protection services

When your organization or company needs to provide identity theft protection, CyberSTX  helps you protect those individuals with one of our comprehensive identity theft protection plans.

Download the CyberSTX  Identity Theft brochure for more information.

Some of the ways we work with organizations are:

  • Marketing partners – to private label our products to supply to their members.
  • Breached companies – to provide identity theft protection to individuals affected by a client’s data breach.
  • Employee benefits – as part of a supplemental benefit program to offer ID theft protection to employees.

Our Identity Theft Protection plan options are:

  • CyberSTX  ID, our proprietary identity theft plans (most cost-effective).
  • Credit Monitoring through TransUnion®
  • Credit Monitoring combined with selected  CyberSTX  ID features.

Identity Monitoring

CyberSTX  ID Monitoring was specifically developed to address identity theft and fraud and is different than credit monitoring. Our proprietary technology detects early non-credit warning signs to help prevent or reduce the damaging effects of identity theft.

Identity Risk Score

 CyberSTX ’s Identity Risk Score is a proactive scoring solution to help individuals see their level of identity theft risk. We use actual data and not demographics to determine an individual’s identity theft risk. This is not a credit score or a credit rating.

Credit Monitoring

Direct-to-consumer credit monitoring was introduced to enable consumers to see what lenders and insurance companies look at prior to making a decision. By monitoring their credit, consumers can identify errors and correct inconsistencies prior to applying for credit. They can also identify unfamiliar transactions which could indicate identity theft.